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Top 20 most visited counties by our users

  1. Cook, IL
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Fairfax, VA
  4. Orange, FL
  5. Prince George's, MD
  6. Los Angeles, CA
  7. Arlington, VA
  8. Denver, CO
  9. Fulton, GA
  10. New York, NY
  11. Baltimore, MD
  12. City of Baltimore, MD
  13. Prince William, VA
  14. Montgomery, MD
  15. St. Louis, MO
  16. Philadelphia, PA
  17. Cuyahoga, OH
  18. Essex, NJ
  19. Lake, IN
  20. Clark, NV

Top 10 most visited Canadian counties by our users

  1. Niagara Regional Municipality, ON
  2. City of Hamilton, ON
  3. City of Toronto, ON
  4. Peel Regional Municipality, ON
  5. Halton Regional Municipality, ON
  6. Montreal, QC
  7. Greater Vancouver Regional District, BC
  8. Oxford County, ON
  9. Middlesex County, ON
  10. London, ON

And the 20 least visited counties by our users (lower 48 states)

 1T. McPherson, SD
  1T. Logan, ND
   3. Daniels, MT
   4. McIntosh, ND
   5. Grant, ND
   6. Marshall, SD
  7T. Sheridan, MT
  7T. Eddy, ND
   9. Cavalier, ND
  10. Towner, ND
  11. Griggs, ND
  12. Divide, ND
  13T. Faulk, SD
  13T. Ransom, ND
  15. Sargent, ND
  16T. Steele, ND
  16T. Ziebach, SD
  18. Calhoun, MS
  19T. Sheridan, ND
  19T. Dewey, SD


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01/27/2015: Social networking updates: check out the new havebeento subreddit. Also, a couple years ago I extended you all an invitation to connect with me on Facebook. For those that took me up on the offer, I've generally enjoyed both your travel-related updates and updates about the other things in your lives. So let me extend the invitation again to connect to me on Facebook.


Always ones to let our competitive nature get the better of us, we (that's Bert, Mark, Chris, Marty, and all our like-minded friends) are keeping track of all the U.S. and Canadian counties we've been to.

The rules are simple: you visit a county, then you count it. To visit a county, just cross the plane of the county line. Usually, you visit a county in a car, but it is possible to visit counties by biking, hiking, or even skiing. Generally, we don't count flying over a county, especially flying in a commercial jet airplane (it's just too hard to see the signs that say "Entering Beaufort County").


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